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Plush toys T-Shirts

What Parents Say

  • My daughter enjoys the site and the plush toys, I have recommended UpToTen to all my friends with kids.

    Diane S. (San Francisco)

    Love it!


  • My child wears very often and although I wash it a lot, the draw remains as new.


    Really nice graphics. Good quality tee.


  • We like how soft it is - feels like egyptian cotton!


    Since my grand-daugher was about 6 months we would sing along with Boowa and Kwala. She was so happy to be able to hold and hug them. I might have to buy another pair, the dog ate boowa's face...


  • My daughter 2 years old has already started her first collection, the boowa and kwala families. She has already 5 of them and often carries them around with her. Boowa is currently in the driver's seat of her remote control Barbie car..