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Le coloriage de la nouvelle année

Colorie et imprime ta banderole pour la nouvelle année. Tu pourras afficher un nouveau coloriage tous les ans ! - Le coloriage de la nouvelle année

Dr Zitbag's Falling blocks game.
Just how good are you (as good as the Doctor?).
Tidy up brother Pap's kitchen
Brother Pap would be very grateful if you could put everything back in the right place.
The other half of the snowflake
Look carefully at the left half of the ice crystal and find its match to complete the snowflake.
Old MacDonald's funny old farm.
Can you spot the 10 differences?
From the core to the crust
Our planet is not just a ball of soil with rocks, it is an active system that is much more...
The raccoon's adventure
Help the raccoon to find something yummy to eat and then a cosy place to fall asleep!
The snake and the toad
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