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Count, draw and print - dot drawing

Guess who is hiding between the dots to print and paint it. - Count, draw and print - dot drawing

Scary wary - the song
This song frightens Kwala, just a little...
Chapter Ten - Boowa and Kwala in the Land of...
In the Land of Poppies, Boowa and Kwala find the ninth pretty petal and meet a... bright red poppy...
Help Boowa find Kwala's family...
They are all hidden in the cave
Pairs of excuses
Siwa has six good reasons for not going to sleep right away....
Where are my pyjamas ?
Boowa is looking for his pyjamas.They are somewhere in Kwala's room. Can you help him find his...
A spotty friend... Dot Game
Who do you think you will find here ? Clue : He has a VERY long neck.
My Favorite Cuddly Toy
Kwala's favorite cuddly toy is a rabbit. Boowa's is a shell. What is yours ?
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