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The viking ship coloring

Color your viking ship before printing it - then stick it on your wall. - The viking ship coloring

Seventies disco nite....
Are you bright enough to match the colours of both rooms?
Paper blinds
Make your own paper blinds and your room will be full of light bright colors !
Make up the postcard
Create your own postcard; print it and send it to someone special!
Four scary dinosaurs
Be quick to click these dinosaurs move pretty fast.
Triceratops - print and paint
This is a nicefriendly dinosaur!
The snake and the toad - Coloring game
A snake and a toad ? It's not very pretty ! But once coloured they can make such a pretty picture !...
Create a photo frame with Marcelino
Some thick card glue a pair of scissors a few colour pencils and you're done!
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