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Boowa & Kwala live on the web !
> USN 1st graders - USN Kindergarten
An totally original class project

On Thursday morning, April 24, 2003, 72 students at University School of Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee met with Boowa live on the web. Mr. Scott Merrick (the technology teacher at USN) invited Ms. Ackerman's and Ms. McGowan's classes for a unique chat with Jason Barnard (better known as Boowa), followed by Ms. Avington-Scott's Kindergarten class.

The kids were able to ask Boowa questions, hear Boowa's replies and sing along with Boowa via text and voice (thanks to Yahoo! Messenger). A good time was had by all. The historic first contact was made around 8:00 in the morning Tenesee time (that's 5:00 p.m. for Boowa, on the other side of the world, off the East coast of Africa, on the little island of Mauritius). As part of the excercise, the students also submitted their drawings of Boowa and Kwala for a very special gallery.

Some great photos were taken in an attempt to immortalize the occasion. The kids were lively, fun, bright and spontaneous... And Boowa was very touched by the experience (as you will see)

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Ms. Ackerman's and Ms. McGowan's 1st graders' chat with Boowa

Ms-Avington-Scott's Kindergarten class chat with Boowa

March 2004
More drawings from University School of Nashville - thanks Mr Merrick.

March 2005
Yet more drawings from University School of Nashville - thanks (again!) Mr Merrick.

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