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UpToTen and your privacy

Protecting your personal data

On-line security
At, we respect your rights. Please take the time to read our privacy policy, the conditions of use for and the conditions of use for Boowa & Kwala Club. Our privacy policy and the conditions of use for the site fully respect the COPPA and all European directives concerning on-line privacy.

The security of our communication by e-mail
You are the only person who has access to your e-mail account. It is for this reason that we use your e-mail address to identify you (your Username). We can send your password reminder and your newsletters to you at the e-mail address you gave, and be sure that only you will see them. We will only communicate with you via the e-mail you used to open your UpToTen User Account. Please make sure that this address is safe and that no-one else has access.

Your password
It is very important that you choose a password that you will remember but that no-one else will be able to guess. In order to protect your own personal data, please do not tell anyone your password.

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