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Your children learn on UpToTen Kids because they enjoy it !

The UpToTen Mission Statement
We strive to make UpToTen Kids :

A fun and friendly environment that encourages learning
Uncluttered design, lively colors, quality animation, funny sounds, a good dose of humor.

Simple activities accessible to all
Games and activities for every age, every taste and every mood

Rich and varied with an international flavor.
Two Round-the-World tales for children from all over the world to enjoy.

Simple, fun and respectful of different religions and cultures.
A place where children feel at home, wherever they are, whatever their religion and whatever their background.

A place where the opinions and needs of children are taken into account
Children can suggest games that they would like to see on UpToTen Kids, and can e-mail their heroes personally.

A place where the children participate at all levels
The activities give the child control. They move forward at their own pace and need very little help from the parent or teacher.

An instinctive navigation system that encourages independence
The navigation allows the child to move around the site alone - they are independent and need very little help from the parent or teacher.

An environment where a child can develop their self esteem
We congratulate the child when they have completed an activity. We encourage when the activity is a little difficult. Activities are not geared to direct competition. There is no losing as such.

A secure environment containing no violence or unacceptable behavior
A full-screen window that does not allow access to other sites. No violent games, no bad language. A positive example is set at all times.

An opportunity for children to learn whilst having fun
UpToTen activities are educational. But are not designed to be educational at all costs. Above all else they are fun to do. And when your child is having fun, they are learning (who would ever forget that a lion lives in the Savannah when he has such a funny and memorable giggle ;o) UpToTen Kids is designed to help children learn the "traditional" basics (see the educational icons for details). UpToTen Kids provides proven support for them as they learn at home and at school in the real world.

A place where language is clear and unambiguous
In all the languages we offer, we use a style that is simple, concise and clear. And fun. Perfectly adapted to make understanding and reading as easy as possible. Switching languages is easy and natural. Trying a well-loved game in French or Spanish is great fun.

An environment where advertising does not spoil the enjoyment
There are no third party banners or ads of any kind within UpToTen Kids itself. They are placed only on the entry and exit pages

A source of quality items suitable for small children in a secure toy store
We back all the items available in Boowa & Kwala's Toyshop 100%. Guaranteed quality. Don't forget - It is the sales in the toy store that allow the site to remain free for you and your children.

UpToTen Kids the fun place to learn on-line

UpToTen Kids as part of your children's multimedia education :
UpToTen Kids is specifically designed to make your child feel at home. This will encourage them to investigate alone. In this way, your child will become independent very quickly and will be able to play alone for long periods with very little help from you.

However, you have a very important role to play. Encourage your child to try out activities that they play less often than the others. Use the educational icons and forums to help you choose activities that help develop specific skills. For example, if your child tends to be a little impatient, look out for the "Patience" icon in the search engine. When you see that icon (an egg timer), you know that the activity will help develop their patience (jigsaws, stickers...)

UpToTen Kids will give your child that all-important head start in basic skill-development. All the "traditional" skills are extensively covered (see the educational icons and forums) while multimedia skills are omnipresent.
And, best of all, your child will have fun. For hours. And hours.

UpToTen Kids - two levels of communication
UpToTen Kids is built around images specifically so that children who cannot (yet) read feel at home. But you will also find text so that you can join in or help them along when necessary.
  • Text descriptions are included with all illustrated buttons
  • The animated stories are written, not narrated. This gives you an opportunity to share UpToTen Kids with your children (if they could do EVERYTHING themselves, where would the fun be in it for you ?)
  • Written explanations appear at the start of most activities

Why is UpToTen Kids available on Premium ?
  • UpToTen Premium is the very best of for children aged 0 to 10.
  • There are no advertisements, no external links... and your child plays in a full screen.
  • There are more games, more songs, and a unique on-line adventure.
  • And don't forget that your Premium subscription supports UpToTen. We are a company, which has always remained independent since its creation ( 11 years).
  • They'll find the 552 games which they already know and love on the free site, PLUS 801 games and activities including the stories and the songs.
  • They will be able to write to their favorite characters who will personally reply to them. And they will receive a downloadable gift if their mail is selected among the 10 best. It will be published on the site.

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