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To maximize your children's on-line security and for your peace of mind, we recommend that you open an UpToTen User Account before your child plays and learns on UpToTen Kids.

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For your children :
  • An UpToTen User Account will help you to accompany your child/children within the UpToTen Kids site (More info >>).
  • Your children will be happy to play for hours on UpToTen Kids.
  • They will be able to join the UpToTen CLUB where there is even more for them to enjoy.

For you :
  • Open UpToTen User Account to get access to ALL the features in UpToTen Parents.
  • 100% control over your personal data.
  • Discover how to help your child learn by using multimedia effectively
  • Discover how your child can get the most from UpToTen Kids (they'll learn AND have fun).
  • Get to know us better. Who is behind UpToTen, how do we work, what are our aims, what can we offer you and your children...?
  • You will be able to communicate directly with the UpToTen team ; ask questions, get practical ideas and advice and share your experiences.
  • You will also be invited to tell us what you would like to see on We want to hear what you have to say. Your input will help us to make the perfect place for your children to learn on-line.
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UpToTen Parents :

  • Discover how UpToTen Kids can make a major contribution to your children's education ;
  • Learn how to get the most out of UpToTen Kids and the UpToTen CLUB ;
  • Help your children make the most of UpToTen Kids and the UpToTen CLUB ;
  • Get to know the UpToTen team and and its creator ;
  • Dialogue with the UpToTen team and communicate with the UpToTen community.
  • Participate in the parent forums - a platform for you to ask questions, make suggestions and share your experiences ;
  • Have your say in the ongoing development of for you and your children ;
  • Receive our newsletter ;
  • Total control over your personal data ;
  • Benefit from special offers on quality items in our Toyshop.

Opening an UpToTen User Account is easy.
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